Chic French Lace Combined Roller Blinds

    Chic French Lace Combined Roller Blinds

Fransız Danteli Model No: 52 KG       Fransız Danteli Model No: S7 KG
        Lace stepping into the fashion industry with each passing year,and applied in each area continues to
  add elegance and grace.French lace is very popular in clothing industry.And u see any lace application
  in home textile,"How much stylish "is not surprising at all to hear comments.
        Now we want introduce roller blinds - stor perde with French lace to you.It will be made your home soo exclusive 
  and privileged style. 
        French laces Motifs can of various sizes and if you want;embroidered with pearls or embroidered with
  sequins or embroidered with stone...Your windows will become more elegance and noble.You can use this roller 
  blinds single or with different curtain variations.We would recommend to anyone who likes to be different.
Fransız Danteli Model No: 53 KK       Fransız Danteli Model No: E DEN KG
Dantel Modeli 52 KG      Dantel Modeli 53 KK

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